Lucius Digital: How to limit the taxonomy terms in ‘Exposed Drupal Views filters’, to the tags that are used in included nodes, in multiple Views

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Last month we implemented the ‘Resources’ page on, as you can see: you can filter the Resource nodes on this page in the right of the screen. This is a Drupal View with exposed filters, which are placed via a block via Twig Tweak module.

There is a ‘Region’ Filter and a ‘Tags’ taxonomy reference field, which are also used in other content types. 

We only wanted to show used terms in the drop downs.

So, there are other pages (Views) that also implemented this tag as a filter (like the Alumni page). But of course: those pages have other content types, so ‘used tags’ are also different.

So here is how we limited the used tags, per Drupal View, this article gave us a kickstart.


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