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This page contains a list of the Drupal 8 core and most significant contributed modules that are related to upgrading to Drupal 8. Core Migrate modules Please refer to Migrate API overview for technical documentation of core features. Migrate Provides the underlying API for migrating configuration and content to Drupal 8. The migration source may …

Comparison of Charting modules | Drupal.org

About charting modules Charting wrapper modules Native charting modules Other charting modules Supported Drupal versions Supported Charting Libraries Available integrations Features Issue Queue Statistics Maintenance Scorecards Charting Modules Discussions Contribute to this comparison Source: Comparison of Charting modules | Drupal.org

Media entity | Drupal.org

Media Entity is now in core This module has moved to Drupal 8 core! Starting with Drupal 8.4 there is a Media module in Drupal core, which includes the base API from Media Entity, as well as most of the functionality provided by Media Entity Image and Media Entity Document. Source: Media entity | Drupal.org

FAQ – Transition from Media Entity to Media in core

When will Drupal core have a full-featured media handling solution set? I’m starting a new site now. Should I use Media in core in 8.5.x? I have an existing site that was based on Media Entity contrib. What should I do? Source: FAQ – Transition from Media Entity to Media in core