TEN7 Blog’s Drupal Posts: Episode 042: DrupalCorn 2018

It is our pleasure to welcome Tess Flynn to the TEN7 podcast to discuss attending the 2018 DrupalCorn and presenting “Dr. Upal Is In, Health Check Your Site”. Tess is TEN7’s DevOps engineer. Here’s what we’re discussing in this podcast: DrupalCorn2018; DrupalSnow; Camp scheduling; What it takes to put on a camp; Unconference the conference; Substantive keynotes; Dr. Upal is now in; The good health of your website is important; It takes humans and tools; Every website is a bit like a person, it’s a story; Docker-based Battle Royale; Auditing the theme; Mental health and tech; Drupal 8 migration; A camp with two lunches; Loaded baked potatoes and corn; Cornhole; Catching Jack the Ripper; Onto DrupalCamp Ottawa