Droptica: With Droopler 1.4 you will LOVE content management in Drupal

Droopler.1.4 visualisation. Logo of the Drupal distribution in the background.

Droopler 1.4 is now available and you can download it right now! Personally, I’ve been testing the 1.4-rc version on Droptica’s websites for a number of weeks and I can honestly say that the new version is a great improvement in terms of editing work. Finally, creating long and beautiful websites in Drupal is a simple and pleasant affair.
Easier paragraph editing
The main content type in Droopler is paragraph-based. The Paragraphs module is – at least in my opinion – the best Drupal module geared towards easier content creation; however, when it comes to long and very long pages, editing content using Paragraphs becomes tedious and annoying.