EMAIL: Drupal Developer’s blog: Building a home automation system based on Domoticz, Xiaomi and Broadlink

The home automation system is a combination of software and hardware devices which handles home routine such as lights, temperature/humidity (microclimate) and entertainment systems (TV, audio etc.) automatically based on some scenarios. This post is about building such system based on Domoticz server, Xiaomi and Broadlink devices. I’ll try to cover some topics such as system set up and useful scenarios. Agenda:

    1. Hardware
      1. Gateway
      2. Signaling sensors
      3. Data provider sensors
      4. Controlling sensors
      5. Smart lamps
      6. Server and wifi router
    2. Software
      1. Domoticz
      2. Mini DLNA
    3. Adding devices to Domoticz
      1. Gateway
      2. ZigBee devices
      3. Yeelight Smart bulbs
      4. Broadlink RM 3 mini and RM Pro+ remote controls
      5. Naming convention, groups, and scenes
    4. Network
    5. Scenarios
      1. Network devices state
        1. Are you at home?
      2. Notifications
        1. Motion activity detected
        2. Doors/windows activity detected
        3. Fire detected (high temperature)
        4. ZigBee devices batteries level report
      3. Room occupation
        1. Motion trigger
        2. Windows and doors trigger
      4. Room presence detection
        1. TV
        2. Laptop
        3. Room locking
      5. Light
        1. Room occupation trigger
        2. Button trigger
      6. Microclimate
      7. Alarm clock
    6. Remote access to your Domoticz
    7. Monitoring
      1. Service uptime
      2. Containers state
    8. Conclusion

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