Thinkbean: Looking good Drupal, looking good!

Once upon a time the authoring experience (AX) in Drupal left much to be desired. Content editors using Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 glanced longingly across at WordPress editing screens wistfully hoping for some of that ease of use. The flexibility of Drupal from a content management standpoint was never in doubt but we all just wished that when in the edit screen it looked so much better and behaved in a manner we were accustomed to when using other modern digital products and services. Well finally the wait is over!

Welcome to the new Drupal authoring experience!

Let’s focus on three main areas of the Drupal authoring experience which have made Drupal 8 a game changer for digital marketing professionals.

1. Gutenberg Editor

It’s nice…it is really nice! Below is a screenshot of the new Gutenberg editor experience available in Drupal 8.