Jacob Rockowitz: Recommendations and strategies for building an exemplary appointment request webform

I have spent my two previous blog posts exploring how requesting an appointment online begins a patient’s digital journey and how top US hospitals approach online appointment request forms. Now, I would like to make some recommendations and strategies for building an exemplary appointment request form and follow it with an explanation on to how these recommendations are being applied to the Webform module’s “Request a Medical Appointment” form template.


Creating an exemplary appointment request form is an iterative process that requires experimentation and testing with analytics to determine which solutions work and which ones don’t.


There are many different levels of statistics that can be captured from a form.

The most immediately available statistic is the form’s completion rate, which indicates how many people successfully filled out and submitted the form. Subtracting the completing rate from how many users visit the form provides a general sense of the form drop-off rate. What is missing from these statistics is more nuanced information about the form’s drop-off rate that can give a better understanding of the form’s user experience.


Tracking a form’s events shows which inputs were filled in and in what sequence they were entered. This detailed information helps to determine how a user is interacting with a form. Furthermore, knowing where users drop off from completing a form can help indicate which questions may need to be removed or reworked.

Analytics provides the digital team with insights that lead to experimentation and testing.


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