Jacob Rockowitz: A bump in the Webform module’s road toDrupal 9

The things that make me most excited about the pending release of Drupal 9 in June 2020 is that as a community we have the opportunity to look back at what we have accomplished, let go of some old deprecated code, and can now start thinking about what is next for Drupal 10.


To my mind, the biggest accomplishments with Drupal 8’s release was shifting it’s entire code base and community to be more object-oriented. The adoption of Symfony into Drupal core allowed us to build a more robust and flexible Content Management Framework. The Webform module for Drupal 8 is a testament to how healthy Drupal has become as a framework. Its robustness is a combination of Drupal’s Plugin API and Form API with object-oriented concepts, including dependency injection. A straightforward and personal statement is.

Looking at the code and concepts behind core and contributed modules, it is immediately apparent that everyone stepped back and reapproached a lot of technical challenges – our collective hard work and contributions resulted in great solutions and better code. Core improvements are documented as initiatives on Contributed projects generally don’t have initiatives. When you look at the flexibility behind a “simple” module like Metatag, maintained by Damien McKenna (DamienMcKenna) or something potentially as “complex” as Domain Access, maintained by Ken Rickard (agentrickard), it’s…Read More