MidCamp – Midwest Drupal Camp: Submit Your Session Through December 18!

Submit Your Session Through December 18!

Never fear if you thought you missed your chance to submit a talk to MidCamp 2020. We want to give everyone one last chance to submit their session ideas, so we’ve extended the call for proposals deadline to Wednesday, December 18. 

Submit your talk while you still can

Will you join us at MidCamp?

You might notice something different with MidCamp’s tickets this year. At MidCamp we’ve long had an underlying Alice in Wonderland theme, from our Drupal-hatter, to Alice coloring books, to maddening our logo. This year, we’ve Alice’ed our tickets. 

Check out our site for more info about this strange new world…Oh, and just a hint, the early bird gets the worm, and the worm is a really good deal only available for a couple more short weeks. Register for O’MidCamp today

As always, thank you to our current sponsors and future sponsors like you.