Drupal Association blog: Drupal contribution culture – your opinions, experience and perspectives matter

How do we encourage those capable of giving back to Drupal to start doing so and once they are contributing how do we encourage them to do more? Dries highlighted this conundrum during his keynote at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019.

Promoting Makers

Whilst various mechanisms exist to recognise contributions in Drupal, if we are to cultivate and grow contribution culture we need to move beyond the current status quo. At DrupalCon the Contribution Recognition Committee was proposed and self nomination invited.

The purpose of this committee is to recommend solutions for how we recognize contributions to the Drupal project made by both individual and organizational contributors, and to advise the Drupal Association on how to weight each type of contribution relative to the others.” Tim Lehnen, Chief Technology Officer Drupal Association.

What have we achieved so far?

For several months now, newly appointed committee members have been researching and discussing contribution culture within Drupal and open source. To ensure recommendations are truly representative of organisation and individual contributions we are keen to canvas opinions and perspectives from far and wide.

Share your opinions, ideas and perspectives

An online survey is available now for those using or contributing to Drupal so they can provide insights which will be considered in our recommendations as a committee. I encourage you to participate and help us to reach members of the Drupal community in your local area.

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