Centarro: Adding Slack “Office Hours” for Centarro Commerce support

For the last several years, we’ve coordinated Commerce 2.x development with community contributors through weekly meetings in the #commerce channel of Drupal Slack (Wednesdays, 11 AM GMT-6). This gave Bojan Zivanovic, as project lead, a regular opportunity to coordinate our own development roadmap with the efforts of countless other developers around the world. The accessibility and consistency of these meetings contributed to our channel growing to become a vibrant support community for over 1,500 Drupal developers.

This month we’re expanding these “office hours” to include dedicated support hours from our core team. On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 AM GMT+2 and 11 AM GMT-6, Jonathan Sacksick and Matt Glaman will monitor the channel in their respective time zones to answer your questions. Even as we invest in premium support, we’re working hard to maintain the same accessibility we’ve long had in our community support channels like Slack, Drupal Answers, and our various issue queues.
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