Centarro: Expanding JSON:API support in Drupal Commerce

Our vision is to power eCommerce innovation through every stage of growth. Most of our users start out running Drupal full-stack, responsible for both the front-end and the back-end. Many reach a point where growth demands decoupling the front-end to improve performance, create unique customer experiences, or both. If not that, most will need to expose Centarro Commerce data to the other business systems they implement to run their companies.

To facilitate these use cases, we’ve focused hard on designing and developing a JSON:API based Commerce API module, making it a core concern in our product roadmap. This module builds on our previous efforts, such as the Cart Flyout module that progressively decoupled the shopping cart.

When deciding on what we wanted an HTTP API to accomplish, we considered every aspect of our data model and how front-end applications need to interact with it, including:

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