Jacob Rockowitz: Individual users can now customize a webform’s results table


The Webform module for Drupal 8 provides a customizable table of submission results. The table of submission results does not use Drupal’s Views module but does extend Drupal’s EntityListBuilder, which “defines a generic implementation to build a listing of entities.” The WebformEntityListBuilder allows users to filter, sort, and add/remove columns from the submission results table.

The below screencast shows how the submission results table can be customized.

The goal of this user experience is to provide a quick and easy way to review submissions without requiring or expecting someone to use a View. Of course, developers and advanced site builders can replace the Webform module’s submission results table with a custom view. Here is a video showing how to customize and improve the Webform module’s Views Integration.

Every instance of a webform and webform node submission results table can be customized by anyone that can update the webform. Every submission reviewer will see that same customized table of submission results, which is fine for basic forms with a few reviewers. A problem arises for complex forms with very different reviewers. For example, in an application review process, evaluators might want to see certain table columns while an administrator might want to see completely different table columns.


Luke Leber recognized this problem and created Issue #3108433: Allow users to personalize the submission list in the Webform module’s issue queue. Luke suggested using Drupal’s Read More