Sooper Drupal Themes: Sooperthemes is now DXPR. Meet DXPR Builder 1.0.0: The Drupal Layout Builder For Marketers

A Drupal Authoring Experience For Marketers

We are excited to announce that as of June 22nd, 2020, we have a new name and brand identity:

Sooperthemes is now called DXPR

Why we are rebranding

Starting 10 years ago we have worked to make Drupal easier to use for everyone. In the past 10 years, much has changed for all of you who interact with Drupal in some way.

With the introduction of Drupal 8, a new era of scalable, more reliable development practices were introduced. With Drupal 9, an affirmation of Drupal’s intent for long-term stability and easier updates has calmed everyone’s hearts (at least here at DXPR).

Drupal authors and digital marketers have replaced themers and site builders as our primary audience. 5 years ago our focus started shifting from developing our low-code Drupal theming framework towards developing a visual authoring experience that lets authors create media-rich, mobile-friendly pages without coding. 

Jurriaan Roelofs, Founder at DXPR

Introducing DXPR Builder 1.0.0

Inspired by you — our customers and supporters — we introduce DXPR Builder: the layout builder that showcases the result of our 5 years of listening, developing, and improving the Drupal experience for Drupal’s most important audience: The Authors.

Authors, especially digital marketers, have been frustrated by the lack of a visual layout builder for Drupal. With the inability to create mobile-friendly layouts, digital marketers relied on IT support to create landing pages, or even anything more complicated than a Word document.

With DXPR Builder, you can upgrade any Drupal 7, 8, or 9 websites with the following awesome no-code capabilities:

  • Immediate inline editing
  • Mobile-friendly layouts up to 12 columns
  • Access your local media or DAM
  • Add marketing elements including icons, countdown timers, and more
  • Supports Drupal views, blocks, translations, revisions, workflows, and other Drupal technologies.

Giving back to the open-source community: DXPR Theme on d.o.

Because our source driver of new business is now our Drupal layout builder module we have decided to open-source the DXPR Theme.

DXPR Theme, the successor of Glazed Theme, was previously our most successful product. This low-code Drupal design framework is a Bootstrap based theme plugin for Drupal 7, 8, and 9.

With over 200 easy-to-use theme settings, DXPR Theme will save your IT team many hours and improve the time-to-market for global changes to the design of your website.

DXPR is more than just a new brand

With our new pay as you grow pricing model, we will be able to help developers implement and customize our product better than ever.

Customer service and tech support are areas that DXPR will focus on improving. I have been the customer service manager at Sooperthemes over the past 10 months; we grew our support team by employing more tech support engineers and enhanced our workflow automation to improve promptness and efficiency. 

As part of the DXPR team I am excited to say that our support and customer success teams are now ready to handle enterprise-class clients, and are ready to serve the Drupal community. 

Nour Eldin, Customer Service Manager at DXPR

Curious what your Drupal experience looks like with DXPR?