Mark Shropshire: Drupal Camp Asheville Talk on Upgrading Projects to Drupal 9

Drupal Camp Asheville was quite different this year, as it transitioned from an in-person event to virtual. While I missed driving up to Asheville, NC and hanging out, it was encouraging to meet new people and see the camp’s reach extend internationally! Thanks to all who made this year’s event especially great!

I was honored to have a chance to speak on upgrading projects from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 compatibility, by demonstrating techniques and open source tools used by the community. A primary goal of the talk, “Anyone Can Help Upgrade Drupal Projects to Be Drupal 9 Compatible!”, was to show how anyone who wants to help contribute to Drupal 9 upgrades can! This was accomplished by showing that not all Drupal 9 audit tools require developer knowledge, demonstration of the Drupal issue queue, and additional documentation resources provided in the presentation slides.

I thought the most fun part of the day was the live audit, patch testing, and release of a Drupal 9 compatible version of User Password Reset Link Timeout. While the actual release happened a few minutes after the end of the presentation, the demonstration shows a bit about using the issue queue, testing a patch, committing the patch, and pushing up a new tag for release. I just love the energy of live demonstrations!

A page with links to the slides and video can be found here.

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