EMAIL: blog: Developer Tools Initiative – Part 7: Update on the Merge Request Beta

As you’ve probably heard – merge requests via GitLab are finally here on

On July 13th, the week of DrupalCon Global, we began the beta process allowing projects to opt in to using issue forks and merge requests. More than 100 projects have opted in so far. We’re getting close to enabling issue forks and merge requests for all projects, but we have a few more steps to go. In particular, we want to make sure that core contributors can test issue forks and merge requests for core.

As part of the beta program, we’re going to enable these features on specific core issues – nominated by core contributors as good issues to test these features.

Are you a core contributor who would like to try the new workflow on an issue?

Nominate your issue for the merge request beta

Contributors should opt-in issues which are:

  • Well-scoped.
  • Likely to be completable in days or weeks, rather than weeks or months.
  • Issues with enough complexity to exercise the forks and merge request system.
  • Issues that they themselves intend to work on.

Once these core contributors have signed off on the issue fork/merge request workflow – we’ll be enabling these features across all projects.

Keep your eye on this blog for further updates!

… one more thing (a new venture by Drupal Association Supporting Partner Lullabot) are donating an enterprise license of their tool, which generates automated deployment previews of software. We’re going to be enabling this for core issues as part of our beta process as well, to see if these development previews can help accelerate core contribution, and what resources this tool might require in our infrastructure. Our thanks to Lullabot for the partnership!