Dropsolid: New: Gitlab integration into Dropsolid Experience Cloud

Gitlab integration in Dropsolid Experience Cloud
Nick Veenhof

Today, Dropsolid is proud to announce that all customers that have a project on Dropsolid Experience Cloud have been migrated to a private GitLab instance which enables in-browser code changes and extensive collaboration options to manage their code.

Collaborating and allowing code review with a direct deployment option to one of the environments or instantly loading a project locally, making a change and asking someone else to review and push has never been easier.

    Let me give you an example. A change could be to correct a spelling mistake in a project. Which could be easily fixed were it not that someone could work on 10+ different projects. Finding the project, making a git clone, making a feature branch, making the change, committing it and making a merge request would all be manual steps that could be avoided. 

    Notable features are:

    • Merge requests (also known as pull requests).
    • Discuss changes and improve code together.
    • Native integration with Dropsolid’s CI runners.
    • Single Authentication using the OAuth of Dropsolid Platform.
    • Take full control while protecting your main branch from rewriting its history.

    Dropsolid Experience Platform wants to bring the best of those Open Core technologies closer to the end user. That is why, next to Drupal, Mautic, Apache Solr & Apache Unomi we also chose to embed GitLab in our mix to create the only real Open Digital Experience Platform in the world that is loved and embraced by developers.

    In Phase 2 of our GitLab rollout we will also allow customers to enable Gitlab pipelines, either with runners that the customer brings or in packages that can be purchased at Dropsolid to run CI/CD tests with. It goes without saying that all official GitLab integrations also run on the Dropsolid Experience Cloud’s version of GitLab. 

    Stop working around limitations of other deployment platforms, choose openness today and sign up for the Dropsolid Experience Cloud.