Debug Academy: It’s the right time to learn Drupal 9

It’s the right time to learn Drupal 9

Given the times that we live in, we needed to ask ourselves whether we should take a break from teaching our part-time hands-on courses. After all, there’s a global pandemic going on. Do people want to participate in a thorough course right now? We do have other skills we can focus on if need be – in addition to teaching we are expert consultants as well as Front & Backend developers. 

Truth be told, even we weren’t up for it this past Summer. We skipped our Summer semester altogether.

In the Fall we decided to let people decide for themselves. Enough students did enroll so we went ahead with our 3-month part-time course. I’ll admit, I still wondered how people would feel about it given the distractions. We moved forward because I didn’t want to unilaterally decide to put their careers on hold, and we already have a policy to let our students retake the course for free.

Fri, 01/08/2021