Centarro: Commerce Core 2.24 improves merchant experience, BOGO promotions, and more

Hey, fellow Drupalists! January has been such a busy month at Centarro that we haven’t been able to blog about the exciting improvements we’ve made to Commerce Core since last year’s 2.21 release. We’ve worked specifically to improve the merchant experience to make our clients’ lives easier, and we hope the changes will excite you as well.

Order management improvements

Starting on the order view page, we’ve had multiple client projects where order state transitions should be approved only when an order is paid in full. It’s easy enough to alter the transition form to make that a hard requirement, but as with most things eCommerce, it isn’t always a requirement. Moving the state transition buttons to the top of the sidebar and placing the order balance right above them makes it easier for merchants to take the next step of processing an order that much faster:

Order state transition form showing the order balance

Because the rendering of the order view page is controlled by a Twig template, existing sites will need to reproduce Commerce Core’s code change to move the state transitions up / make room for the order balance. Existing sites using the default template will still need to edit their order type(s) to enable the new Order balance field for display.
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