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Tag1 Consulting: On (almost) 20 years of Drupal – an interview with Moshe Weitzman


Moshe Weitzman is one of the most long standing contributors to Drupal, with one of the lowest user IDs around. His many additions to the project include the long-term maintenance of Drush, to his most recent addition: Drupal Test Traits. In this edition of our Tag1 Team Talks, Moshe takes time out of his schedule to talk with Michael Meyers, Managing Director of Tag1 to talk about the ups and downs and all of their experiences over the past 19 years and 10 months – just a couple of months short of the actual beginning of the Drupal project’s release to the world. For a transcript of this video, see Transcript: 20 years of Drupal – Moshe Weitzman. ### Related content – Introducing Drupal Test Traits In the coming weeks, Tag1 will be featuring Team Talks with some of its long time Drupal contributors. Check back here, or follow the blog to see these interviews as they become available: – Jeremy AndrewsDoug Green – Fabian Franz – Narayan Newton – Francesco Placella – Greg Lund-Chaix – [Marco…

Wed, 02/24/2021 – 08:06