Ryan Szrama: How to customize Drupal’s Olivero colors on deploy

It’s been years since I paid much attention to my personal blog, dropping by only occasionally to post something new, moderate comments, or apply Drupal updates. I’ve been wanting to upgrade for a while, and the current status of Drupal 9 + its core themes Olivero (front-end) and Claro (admin) convinced me to spend a few evenings making it happen. However, I didn’t want to just rock the default blue palette the Olivero theme uses by default.

In various areas of my life, my motif is late 70’s, early 80’s … ’77 Alfa Spider, long hair and trucker hat, fleece lined sherpa jacket, etc. I’ll work all night grooving to CCR or Darksynth, and if I can’t have an angular Lamborghini Countach, I can at least dream of a Tesla Cybertruck. To make Olivero “mine”, I opted for an 80’s synthwave inspired palette pairing the Centarro purple with neon pink accents.
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