Jacob Rockowitz: To Drupal or not Drupal… Drupal versus all those other Digital Experience Platforms

The organization where I work is building a Digital Experience Platform (DXP), and one of the platform’s products they chose is Sitecore. We are migrating away from Drupal to Sitecore and this move away from Drupal inspired me to write a series of blog posts about whether I should continue “to Drupal or not to Drupal.”

Considering how much I have contributed to Drupal combined with my overall experience with Content Management Systems, I hope to provide a unique perspective as to whether or not to use Drupal as part of a Digital Experience Platform.

What is a DXP?

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is simply a platform for providing rich cross-channel personalized digital experiences. It consists of multiple pieces of software, which generally include a CMS, CRM, and a personalization engine, working together to create and manage digital user experiences. In the meantime, how we define a digital experience and how we provide it, is continually changing.

I began my career building static HTML pages and then moved on to building Content Management Systems. Over the years, I have iterated through many versions of the same website with my current organization. With each iteration, we strive to improve the user’s digital experience. In order to understand the value and approach to building and leveraging a DXP, I had to stop seeing everything as web pages and instead, view everything as user engagements and experiences.

How a user engages and experiences an organization’s brand and information is changing rapidly. For example, supporting voice applications and machine learning is now a priority. We need to prepare our content, webforms, and applications for the future. Being ready to meet current and future digital experience requirements is essential to consider when choosing a DXP.

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