MidCamp – Midwest Drupal Camp: Give Back to Drupal at MidCamp

Give Back to Drupal at MidCamp

MidCamp 2021 is less than one week away, so register now. We’ll be doing our first review of topic submissions for Thursday’s “Meet the Drupal Community” day this evening and still taking submissions for Friday’s “Share Your Knowledge” Unconference. Our job board is filling up, and we’re ready to gather.

MidCamp is always a great prep for DrupalCon contribution activities, and this year is no exception. Even if you’ve never contributed to Drupal before, we have something for you.

Thursday: Olivero Sprints

MidCamp will be hosting a sprint to create automated tests for Drupal’s new Olivero theme on Thursday, March 25th, and Saturday, March 27th, 2021. During the Thursday sprint, attendees will learn to write functional tests using Drupal core’s test suites, PHPUnit and NightwatchJS. We’ll then submit patches to to go through the process of committing them to Drupal core.

Friday: Get Started with Local Development

In addition to our Unconference on Friday, DDEV will host a multi-part workshop to help you set up a local development environment on macOS, Linux, or Windows. Get ahead by installing the latest Quicksprint package, or just follow along during the workshop. Bring all your questions!

Saturday: Give Back To Drupal

Contribution days are an important part of Drupal’s growth and are also a great opportunity to get involved because others are on hand to help you contribute. There is a dedicated contribution day on Saturday, so come and collaborate with other Drupal community members!

We’ll be focusing our work on:

New to code contributions? That’s wonderful! There will be a series of first time contribution workshops in the morning.

And now… a word from our sponsors:

Evolving Web is looking for talented Drupal trainers for their training program. Join the #EW Drupal community. Check it out:

Tyto Learning Solutions is proud to be a core sponsor of MidCamp 2021! Join Tyto Learning Solutions on Wednesday at 10:30 CDT for their session: Drupal Camp Quick Start: What Am I Getting Myself Into? We’ll address some of the questions about Drupal that you did not even know to ask! Targeted to the non-developer, this session is perfect for individuals that are new to Drupal and Drupal camps.