MidCamp – Midwest Drupal Camp: Register for MidCamp and WIN!

Register for MidCamp and WIN!

As if learning all about the Drupal Community, Contribution and participating in an Unconference weren’t enough, we’re pleased to also offer you the chance to win some prizes! The goal of MidCamp is to bring everyone along for the ride, whether you’re just getting started with Drupal, you’re continuing to iterate and learn, or you’re a subject matter expert sharing your knowledge. We hope some of these prizes help you on your journey, wherever it may take you!

Each morning, we’ll be drawing registered attendees’ names to win fabulous prizes. First-time attendees and new community members will have extra chances to win!

Thanks to our sponsors DDEV and GitKraken for donating the prizes. Here are some of the things you might win:

Register now, it’s not too late!