EMAIL: ComputerMinds are diversifying

The last year has highlighted to us all how important it is for the global community to come together and solve problems. We rate ourselves highly at ComputerMinds, and figure it’s time to share and stretch our abilities to the full. So I’m here on this special day to announce that we are branching out beyond just resolving bugs on websites, to fixing any kind of bugs in any problem space. There’s so much market potential, we’re really quite excited at the possibilities for bringing innovative solutions to the world!

Medical bugs

The ugliest bug of them all, COVID-19, has been such a terrible challenge for us all. We’ve been inspired by the countless heroes across the world who have stood up in the face of it, so we want to help too by putting our services to more significant tests than just Drupal websites. We have continued to serve our clients during the pandemic as well as we can so far, but now it’s time for us to help with other kinds of bugs. We’ll start with the common cold and flu, and work our way up to the bigger beasts. We believe in our approach and that our experience will propel us to find solutions. To help us with this, we’ll team up with the best in the business with offices in Bristol and Coventry.

Pest control

Inspired by the wonderful pest control hawk that flies around our Coventry office, we will help fix your bug problem. Our Drupal experience has taught us to search for the root problems and to stop at nothing to go down debugging rabbit holes – so we are perfectly suited to this industry too. Unwanted animals and insects, beware! But we’ve also got a strong ethical heartbeat too – we always want to do things the right way, after all. We’ll continue to work with existing partners to campaign for sustainable pest control, and against unnecessary culling.

Lifestyle bugs

Life coaching is a blossoming market. We believe too many rush ahead to give advice about making lifestyle changes, before pausing to eliminate ‘bugs’ in people’s lives that hold them back. Too many web projects need rescuing because of the issues that hold them back – and these are often much deeper than mere software issues, but go down to ‘people’ problems. We’re ready to bring our experience from these situations to help people become the best versions of themselves. We recognise that in some scenarios, people need to give themselves more slack in their expectations, whilst others need to the right pressures applied to improve performance. Sometimes proper recovery from major trauma must be prioritised; for others we are well-placed to encourage physical exercise for all the benefits and widened perspective it brings; for others laziness is the ‘bug’ we will identify and help clients overcome!


We’ve already been solving problems in electrical engineering and patching up domestic engineering horror stories. We’ve worked with some genuine motor engineering history beneath us. So now we’re opening up to offer our services to the great people of Bristol and Coventry. Our cities are well known for engineering feats, so we are keen to partner with the local firms that are facing bugs in their work. Our contribution towards the Coventry Motofest event demonstrates our passion for great engineering – the traditional kind, not just software engineering.

Software problems – not just Drupal

Drupal will always be our specialism, but the knowledge gained over the years from those projects gives us plenty of wisdom for any software project. We can already offer consulting for commerce websites built on other platforms. You probably already knew that we have great experience in building websites with GatsbyJS, and native mobile apps in other technologies. We are ready for you with all sorts of advice that can be applied to nearly any web project, whether that be advice on analytics, A/B testing solutions or development methodologies. But we’re not limiting ourselves to the internet either any more – bugs will always be found in all kinds of software!

So what are you waiting for? Find out how we can help fix your bugs!