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A new contrib module that makes it easy for content editors to create Media Entities from existing Files

We’re pleased to announce the first release of the File To Media module, a relatively simple module that adds a much-requested content-editor feature – namely the ability to easily create a Media entity from an existing File.

The modules adds a new form for creating media entities from existing files, and a handy views plugin that gives you a drop-button of compatible media-types for a file.

To configure the module, edit the view provided by core at admin/content/files and add the File to Media field to the table and save the view.

Now when a user with the access files overview permission visits admin/content/files the get a handy drop-button link for any eligible files.

Screenshot showing the drop-button links allowing a content editor to create new media from an existing file

This link will show if:

  • The file has no existing Media entity association
  • The user has permission to create media of the given type
  • The media-type supports files; and
  • The file extension matches the field configuration for the media-type source field

Once clicking on one of the links, the user is taken to a form to create new media of that type, with the file reference and media name pre-filled based on the given file.

Screenshot showing the 'create new image from file' form

A relatively small module, but a very useful feature for content-editors.

And of course, backed with the test-coverage you’d expect from any of the modules we maintain.

Give it a whirl and let us know what you think in the issue queue.

Watch this space for an announcement of a soon to be released related module that handles the opposite content-editor pain-point – deleting files from disk when deleting the associated media item.

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