Jacob Rockowitz: Webform module’s Open Collective: Rethinking and adjusting backer and sponsorship tiers

If you have been following my blog, you know that my current work situation has made my free contribution of maintaining the Webform module for the Drupal community no longer sustainable. I want to start using the Webform module’s Open Collective funds to compensate me for my time and encourage organizations to hire me to assist with their Webform-related projects and even proposals. On the Webform module’s project page, issue queue, and in the module’s UI, I am encouraging people to get involved, fund development, or hire me. All funding is going to be handled transparently via the Webform module’s Open Collective.

Like many Open Collective projects, I am going to track my monthly work and expense it. After a few months of invoices and ticket tracking, I should be able to surmise how many hours it takes to resolve most issues and requests in the Webform module’s issues queue. Knowing exactly how collected funds are spent hopefully will encourage people and organizations to continue backing the collective, and inspire new people and organizations to become backers. Because there is already a diverse group of backers of the Webform module’s Open Collective, it is essential to have the backer and sponsorship tiers reflect the community and opportunities for anyone supporting the Webform module.

Who is backing the Webform module’s Open Collective?

Looking at the current backers, I see individuals, small Drupal shops, and a few large Drupal agencies and providers.

Individuals make up most backers either making a one-time donation or a small monthly $5 contribution. Drupal is built and maintained by individuals, and making it easy for individuals to contribute something can collectively make a difference. I think the $5 tier…Read More

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