Drupal In the News: Drupal Steward expands availability after successful pilot year

The new security firewall from the Drupal Association is already protecting thousands of sites, and is now available to any Drupal site owner.

After a successful first year, the Drupal Association’s web application firewall, Drupal Steward, is launching a new community tier, making the enhanced security available to all Drupal site owners. 

Drupal Steward provides Drupal-built websites with an additional level of security, bridging the gap between the time when a security release is announced and a site is fully updated with the new security patch. This gives IT teams flexibility to implement site updates on their own timeline, without disrupting other priorities. 

“Acquia hosts the most demanding Drupal applications for global enterprises,” said Robert Former, Chief Information Security Officer at Acquia. “Our participation in Drupal Steward provides them with a valuable layer of additional security that helps ensure that any vulnerabilities are handled quickly, without disrupting application in production. Acquia’s support for this important program also supports all Drupal users, benefiting all in the community.”

The globally distributed service provides seamless, immediate protection by routing a website’s domain to Drupal Steward, which automatically filters requests through the firewall. Any malicious requests are automatically blocked, giving IT teams the time they need to test and implement security updates.

New community tier extends protection to all Drupal site owners

Drupal Steward’s founding partners, Acquia and Pantheon, have implemented Drupal Steward protection across their entire platforms, protecting thousands of sites worldwide. Both founding partners have renewed their participation, and their support has made it possible for the Drupal Security Team and the Drupal Association to launch a new community tier of the program. This new tier makes Drupal Steward protection available to any Drupal site owner, with affordable pricing on a sliding scale based on the number of requests a particular site receives. 

How to sign up for Drupal Steward protection

Site owners who would like to join the community tier can sign up for Drupal Steward by creating an account on, where they’ll also find a calculator to estimate pricing. Drupal agencies can also purchase protection on behalf of their clients, enhancing the security service they provide and giving their clients peace of mind that their data and end customers are protected from malicious actors.

Thank you to our founding and supporting partners

The Drupal Association and the The Drupal Security team would like to thank our platform partners, Acquia and Pantheon, as well as our supporting partners, whose support of the Drupal Association makes them eligible to offer Drupal Steward to their clients at preferred pricing levels. Their early support has made it possible for us to launch the community tier and make Drupal Steward more widely available.

Closing the gap between patch release and the time it takes an IT team to respond has been one of the last hard problems in working with open source software. Drupal Steward not only solves that, so that IT leaders who depend on Drupal can sleep soundly. 
Tim Lehnen – Drupal Association, CTO 

About Drupal Steward

Drupal Steward is a web application firewall that protects sites from breaches in the vulnerable time between when a security release is announced and a patch can be implemented. The globally distributed service provides immediate, affordable protection while giving IT teams the flexibility to address vulnerabilities on their own time — without needing to be on-call or working overtime to stay ahead of hackers. Funding from Drupal Steward directly supports the Drupal Association and its mission to help the global Drupal community build with and contribute to the Drupal platform. 

About Drupal and the Drupal Association

Drupal is the open source digital experience platform used by millions of people and organizations around the world, made possible by a community of 100,000-plus contributors and equipping more than 1.3 million users with resources and support on The Drupal Association is the nonprofit organization focused on accelerating Drupal, fostering the growth of the Drupal community, and supporting the project’s vision to create a safe, secure, and open web for everyone.


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