Drupal Core News: Seeking maintainers and co-maintainers for modules removed from Drupal 10

A few core modules are being deprecated in Drupal 9 for removal in Drupal 10. There are a variety of reasons for their removal, but in each case we think moving to a contributed project would serve users better.

To support the continuous upgrade path and provide stability for Drupal 9 users moving to Drupal 10, we are looking for potential maintainers and co-maintainers to keep security support and ensure stability of the codebases moving out from core. The initial scope of maintaining these projects is to keep the Drupal 9 core-compatible branches intact and provide security support. It would be nice if the new maintainers also improve the projects further but that is not part of the initial scope.

QuickEdit module is being moved to a contributed project and is seeking maintainers.

Lee Rowlands stepped up to maintain Forum and HAL modules moving to contributed projects, but co-maintainers would be welcome. Lee Rowlands and Andrey Postnikov plan to maintain Aggregator as a contributed project.

Additionally there is discussion about removing the RDF module too, feedback welcome. This is not yet at a stage where we need maintainers, although it may be there in the future.

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