Community Working Group posts: Welcome (again) Donna Bungard as full member of the Community Working Group’s Conflict Resolution Team

Earlier this year, the Conflict Resolution Team of the Drupal Community Working Group announced Donna Bungard as our newest member. 

We are happy to now announce that Donna has completed the provisional period of her membership and is now a full member of the team. During the provisional period, Donna had limited access to CWG archives, and was able to assist on CWG issues, not lead them. In addition, we periodically spent time during our weekly meetings talking about past issues, with a focus on the lessons learned, in an effort to transfer as much knowledge as possible. Emphasis was placed on process and collaboration more so than the individual issues revisited.  

Having had the opportunity to pressure-test the new on-boarding process in addition to the Community Health Team involvement requirement, we now believe that it is essential to providing a gentler on-ramp for new Conflict Resolution Team members, and adds value to those we aim to serve.  

Looking ahead, our team will need to continue to grow to ensure effective and timely responses to needs of our community. As this is a slow process, we have already begun looking for the next member of the team. Regardless of if you’re a current member of the Community Health Team, or just a Drupal community member with a passion for community health, we’d love to talk to you about what being on the Conflict Resolution Team involves – please reach out to us at drupal-cwg at 

All members of the Community Working Group must adhere to our Code of Ethics

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