Event Organizers: Announcing the Drupal Event Accessibility Playbook

The Drupal Event Organizers Working Group and Drupal Community Working Group are pleased to announce a resource to help make inclusivity easier to build into event planning. Initiated by the Community Working Group and taken over by the Event Organizers Working Group, the new Drupal Event Accessibility Playbook aims to provide guidance and accountability for addressing the accessibility of events with respect, professionalism, and grace.

The Drupal community is composed of and fully reliant on the amazing diverse people who choose to participate. Each individual and their perspective is valued. Our community is already a leader in our attention to the health of its members. This Event Accessibility Playbook is another way that we, as a community, can show respect to all our members. We continue to lead by example by being inclusive and accessible. 

The initial release of the Drupal Event Accessibility Playbook has been set up like the Code of Conduct event playbook offered in the community; meant to be customized and refined to meet the needs of the event organizers and the local governmental requirements. This structure offers sample commitment messages, suggested acknowledgments, and ways for users to reach out for additional accommodations as needed. It is our hope that this playbook makes it easier for event organizing teams to build accessibility into their ongoing efforts. 

We strongly encourage all Drupal event organizers to review the playbook and implement the suggestions as they see fit to best serve their local community.

The continued commitment to inclusivity and respect are at the forefront of our volunteers’ efforts. If there are additional ways we can help event organizers create better events, please submit your thoughts to the Drupal Event Organizers Working Group via the issue queue

Each member’s unique perspective makes our global community stronger. We look forward to our continued growth together.

(The EOWG would like to thank April Sides, Donna Bungard, Mike Anello, and the rest of the CWG for their time and dedication to this initiative.)

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