Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #320 – Drupal 8 End of Life

Today we are talking about Drupal 8 End of Life with Gábor Hojtsy.


  • John – NEDCamp is in two weeks
  • April – Planning Drupal Camp Asheville in person next year
  • Gábor – Thinking of all versions of Drupal
  • Nic – Vacation was great – visited Salem
  • What End of Life (EoL) means
  • Statistics on number of sites
  • Why D8 EoL is before D7
  • What can people do to continue using D8
  • Does the new release schedule and EoL schedule improve the platform
  • Improvements to the process
  • Process expected for D9 and D10
  • D8 -> D9 migration process affect on adoption
  • Expected differences with D7 EoL
  • Current Projects
  • Contributions
  • Next big thing
  • Core committer experience over the years
  • Initiative lead, lead
  • Merge request support with gitlab
  • Making core committer’s life easier


commit 62f939944f9ecdff0cfb84e1eb057237ad3d52ed Author: Dries Buytaert Date: Tue Sep 16 17:35:02 2003 +0000 – Added ‘escape HTML’ option to the filters. Patch by Gabor Hojtsy. commit 069e1bb87b9971f160f8ddccfe95335986dd17e0 Author: Dries Buytaert Date: Sun Sep 28 17:07:46 2003 +0000 – More translation fixes for the menu items. Patch by Gabor. commit bcfa6dca1e6646a50f12f617425c6087cae97ac8 Author: Dries Buytaert Date: Sun Sep 28 18:23:13 2003 +0000 – Translation improvements for the block module help. Patch by Gabor. commit 7531e82969cda841d2e03a736c2b0568ed2647e7 Author: Dries Buytaert Date: Mon Sep 29 18:35:46 2003 +0000 – Made sure non US-ASCII mails are sent out properly. Patch by Gabor. TODO: rename user_mail() to drupal_mail() and move it to Other modules, such as the project module, should use this as well or they risk to send out /invalid/ mails. Guests

Gábor Hojtsy – @gaborhojtsy


Nic Laflin – @nicxvan John Picozzi – @johnpicozzi April Sides – @weekbeforenext


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