DrupalBASE: Sharing embedded drawings across sites (Video)

The article continues the series started with Creating interactive content in CKEditor with VisualN Embed article.

It shows how to use IFrames toolkit provided with VisualN module to share embedded drawings across sites.

For our example we use a Drupal 8 site as drawings origin and a WordPress site as a target resource exposing those drawings. The WordPress site can be located at any domain and/or server and doesn’t depend on the origin in any way.


1. Go to the Edit page, open embedded drawing Context menu

ckeditor embedded drawing menu


2. Open Drawing Properties dialog, enable sharing, configure properties

ckeditor embedded drawing properties


3. Save changes, copy embed code from the Sharing box

demo chart sharing box


4. Insert embed code into another site content and save

wordpress demo chart


There are a couple of use cases when you might want to share drawings:

  • to share content with you audience to promote your brand, attract new users (generate quality traffic) or spread your data / knowledge across the Internet
  • to create SaaS-like solutions when users use your site to create content and reuse on their sites (e.g. Flickr)
  • to use it as a backend platform for your other resource (as in the video above, Drupal 8 can be used as a backend for WordPress)

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