Karim Boudjema: 10 helpful Drupal 8 modules for 2019

It’s always hard to pick up the most useful Drupal 8 modules because it depends on the site you will create or manage. But there are some really helpful modules you can use in almost every situation.

In this post, I will share some modules that I use almost all the time in my Drupal 8 projects, they are not related to a particular type of site but they are always helpful, both in development or production environment.

1. Admin Toolbar

(D8) –
The Admin Toolbar module will greatly save your time. By having a drop-down menu and extending the original Drupal menu, it helps to perform various admin actions faster and easier.

The module works on the top of the default toolbar core module, therefore it is a very light module and keeps all the toolbar functionalities (shortcut / media responsive).