Drupal Association blog: Back in Blue

As the second half of 2019 begins, we say farewell to the colorful logos we had for Pride Month but we don’t just pack up our logo and stop working to support under-represented groups in our community.

Nominations are now open for election to the board of the Drupal Association and we are still looking to especially encourage candidates who can help increase our representation and understanding of issues related to under-represented groups.

We also appreciated being challenged on how we build such knowledge into the rest of our board appointments and we elaborated more on that in the blog post at the beginning of the month. We will continue to strengthen our work in this area over the coming months.

We also want to help draw everyone’s attention to great work going on in our community to help us all increase our knowledge. We particularly want to draw attention to the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion’s recent blog post.

Thank you to all for keeping us focussed on what really matters – all of you. 💙