Web Wash: Using Code Generators in Drupal 8

Code generators in Drupal are great as a productivity tool. If you need to create a module, you could easily run a few commands and have a module generated. Then if you need to create a custom block, you could run another command which will generate all the boilerplate code and add the block into a module.

If you want to create a new event subscriber, form, service, etc… There’s always a bit of boilerplate code required to get things going. For example, making sure you extend the right class and inject the correct services. A code generator makes this process quick and easy.

Most of the popular frameworks, Laravel, Symfony, Rails just to name a few, utilize code generators which create scaffolding code.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn three ways you can generate code in Drupal 8 using Drupal Console, Drush and Module Builder.