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Ways to contribute to Drupal community

Bhavin Joshi


Contribute to Drupal community

When was the first time you decided to write some generic code and publish on Thank you for taking that decision! That idea has grown big and your code is might be in Drupal core now! You still remember about views and CCK, right?

Drupal community is driven by you, me and all the users who want to build awesome websites using Drupal. One way or the other, we enrich the community by sharing tips in forums, on various Drupal channels and events we take part in. Some of us take this to next level by volunteering at those events and make everything easier for us! We are not stranger to each other anymore as we used to be a decade ago. We now know everyone from social media, posts in forums, Drupal channels and Drupal events. Isn’t Drupal community amazing?


Contribute to Drupal community


Help Drupal community grow further


Build modules

If you have an idea that can benefit everyone, you are welcome to share it with the community. For example, You can integrate third party APIs with Drupal and contribute that code to community. Or maybe some generic code from your latest project! Every bit counts.


Build themes

Claro and a few other themes are completely community efforts. If you have this awesome design idea, you can consult with other developers and put efforts in to build a theme out of it.


Submit patches

Of all those projects contributed to community, most of them are well maintained but usually due to the time constraints, maintainers may not be able to address all the issues listed on the queue. You can take this opportunity and help fix those issue. Once done, you can submit the path for a community review. After testing, your patch goes to production version and We Won!!!


Reply in forum

Usually, new Drupal developers post in Drupal forums. Most of us did when we were first introduced to Drupal. Forums are the best way to help Drupal aspirants and give them what they are looking form – some tips and right approach to a problem!


Review patches

Lend a helping hand by reviewing those submitted patches on project issue queue. This expediates the process to fix the particular issue and confirms that if particular patch works or not.


Write a book page or two

Is there something big on your mind that community can get benefit from? You can write a book page or pages and guide the community. This can be some insights about a Drupal feature or a trick you learned while working on your project at your job.


Help organize events

If an event is going to be organized in your city/country, can you help them anyways? They need help with logistics, building and updating the event website and what not!


Educate / mentor Drupal aspirants

You can guide both junior and senior developers by helping them with contributing to Drupal in all the ways just described. You can speak at an event and that is a great experience for both new developers as well as senior developers.


Share tips

Sharing tips is fun! We do it on social media and those Drupal channels on various other platforms on regular basis. When we see someone struggling with an issues with Drupal and post on those media, we rescue them by posting multiple approaches and tips. Sometimes, these conversations take interesting turn and end up being a contribution to Drupal in form of an event, a module or a theme!!


You can find all the details about how to get involved on communit page