CiviCRM Blog: E-Commerce for Nonprofits: Maximize Revenue for your Mission

For a nonprofit, raising enough funds to do the most good is at the forefront of goal setting this new year. Direct and recurring donations have always been time-proven and effective ways to achieve this goal. But how can a nonprofit differentiate themselves and maximize the revenue available to aid their cause? Adding an e-commerce store with profitable products that both connect to your organization’s vision and add funds to fuel your efforts can be a game-changer.


Charity:Water’s success in the e-commerce space is both aspirational and strategic genius. By implementing an e-commerce solution, powered by a payments processor similar to the Commerce iATS module available for both Drupal 7, 8 and the iATS extension on CiviCRM, Charity:Water has turned branded products into additional brand recognition, a compelling story, and increased financial support. They are successfully speaking the language of millennials, providing authentic alternatives to traditional donations.  


While nonprofits explore different income streams, there are important considerations.


Make an Impact with your Product Selections

Reflect on the demographics of your donors when choosing products to boost profit possibilities. Some products will appeal to different age groups and doing your research ahead of time will allow you to curate the most appealing product lineup.


Keep your Nonprofit’s Mission Top of Mind

The e-commerce addition that best represents the values and aspirations of your organization are more likely to be received as genuine by your existing donors. 


Protect your Organization

Avoid costly fraud complications by selecting a payment processor that is secure and easy to use. With the payment processing modules and extensions already available for Drupal 7, Drupal 8 and CiviCRM, you’ll have your store up and running in no time.


Ready to get started or have questions? Feel free to reach out for more information.