Mediacurrent: Mediacurrent Sessions at DrupalCon 2020

DrupalCon 2020 sessions are here! The Mediacurrent team is proud to present 9 sessions at this year’s annual conference in Minnesota. 

With topics ranging from Drupal 9 to personalization to tips for preventing burnout, we’ll be sharing our Drupal knowledge from all angles. Here’s the presentation line up: 

Site Building, Development, and Coding

Page building showdown: Paragraphs v Layout builder
Presented by: Jay Callicott, VP of Technical Operations  

Join this session for an honest comparison of the current champ in Drupal 8 contrib, Paragraphs, versus Layout builder. 

Managing images in large scale Drupal 8 & 9 websites
Presented by: Mario Hernandez, Head of Learning 

Knowing how to properly configure your site to handle images can make a big difference in converting leads, getting more sales and getting more visitors on your site. On the JAMStack with Gatsby and Drupal 8
Presented by: Bob Kepford, Director of Development and Ally Delguidice-Bove, Digital Strategist. Plus Sanjay Naruda, MagMutual and Ben Robertson, Gatsby

This session will be an inside look at our decoupled approach for combining open-source frameworks like Gatsby, Drupal 8, and Serverless, as well as third-party services for user management, a learning management system, and private APIs to build a robust custom platform.

Being Human, Contributions, and Community

How to plug into your passion and prevent burnout
Presented by: Brian Manning, IT Operations Manager and Victoria Miranda, Project Manager

Learn how to identify burnout — for yourself, your team, and your project.

Creating an organizational culture of giving back to Drupal
Presented by: Dave Terry, Co-founder and Partner 

Explore Mediacurrent’s journey around creating a culture of giving back and get inspired with actionable ideas.

Content and Digital Marketing 

Contextual, not creepy: Personalization tools, tricks, & tips 
Presented by: Ally Delguidice-Bove, Digital Strategist 

In this session, see how Empathy Mapping can help you create contextual and personal experiences for your users. 

Digital psychology & persuasion to increase user engagement
Presented by: Cheryl Little, Senior Director of User Experience; Becky Cierpich, UX/UI Designer; Danielle Barthelemy, Senior Digital Strategist  

Explore the psychological principles that drive human behavior and learn about the tools and techniques that can be used to captivate visitors’ attention and enhance the user experience on your website. 

Leadership, Management, and Business

From tech expert to team leader: Lessons for making the leap
Presented by: Kelly Dassing, Senior Director of Project Management and Mark Shropshire, Senior Director of Development  

If you’re in the process of transitioning from a technical role to management, this session is for you! 

User Experience, Accessibility, and Design 

One usability step at a time: Improve your site with a UX audit
Presented by: Cheryl Little, Senior Director of User Experience and Becky Cierpich, UX/UI Designer

Start off on the right foot when planning website improvements. See a UX audit can help.

Summit and Training Events

Register to join Mario Hernandez and Eric Huffman for a tutorial on  Component-based theming with Twig. If you’re in the healthcare field,  be sure to join the Healthcare Summit where Mediacurrent is a presenting sponsor.