Mediacurrent: Open Waters Ep 12: Project Managing an Open Source Project

open waters

In this episode, we welcome a new host, Christine Bryan. And as a sort of initiation, we interview her about project managing an open source project.

About Christine

Christine has been working in marketing and technology for over fifteen years. She’s worked in government, non-profit, and for-profit industries. Her first Drupal project was on, the state website for Massachusetts, and since then she’s worked with clients including universities, manufacturing, and financial services. In her spare time she parents a pretty awesome one year old kiddo, plays video games, and likes to walk around the world at Epcot.


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Tool Pick

Let’s talk about Jira.


  1. Tell us about yourself and your role as a project manager (PM) at Mediacurrent.
  2. How did you get started in Project Management?
  3. What are some qualities you need to be an effective PMs?
  4. Are there specific challenges an Open Source project presents from a PM point of view?
  5. When we asked you what you wanted to talk about on your first time out on the podcast, why did you choose Jira?
  6. As a PM, do you interact with Marketers of the project you are managing?  How do marketers get involved with your projects?
  7. What could potentially make a project fail if not managed properly? And how would you avoid failure?
  8. A project, although managed by a PM, depends on the execution of many people (devs, stakeholders, etc.), what do you think others can do to increase the chances of success?
  9. How do you define success when managing a project?