Drupal blog: The Maintainers Intiative

This blog has been re-posted and edited with permission from Gregg Boggs’ blog.

With Drupal 9 here, (the upgrade process)[] from Drupal 8 to 9 is short and impressive. Upgrading is similar to a Drupal 8 minor upgrade. After some testing, your Drupal 9 website is ready to go. But, what about Drupal 8 modules? Thanks to the smooth upgrade path to Drupal 9, most large modules are ready to go! But, what about the smaller modules that haven’t been maintained in a few years? Enter (the Maintainers Project)[]!

What is the Maintainers Project?

The Maintainers Project is a community organized effort started by Damien Mckenna from Media Current and I to improve the support of Drupal contributed modules. Maintaining a large collection of modules is a big undertaking. So, I focus on issues marked “Reviewed and Tested by the Community” or “Needs Review” and testing releases. Rather than trying to write new code, the goal is to ensure more people get responses to their contributions.

Do You Have a Module That Needs Support?

We’ve started with modules over 3000 that haven’t had support in a while and modules we’ve worked on before. But, we’re expanding to as many modules as we can. The best way to get us involved in your module is to join us on (Drupal Slack)[]. Or, if Slack isn’t for you, you can add Greg Boggs (careful of the space) as a maintainer on your project, or file an issue on the maintainers project, and I’ll do my best to jump in to help.

What’s the Long Term Plan?

Today, I’m focused on providing support to get Drupal Contrib ready for Drupal 9. To make the project sustainable, we’ll need to grow the team. With just the small team we have, when I work on a module, the community springs to life and people from all over the world are already helping to get the work done.

Kudos to Mrinalini Kumari from @Srijan. She’s doing great work helping getting patches polished for the release of several of the #Drupal 9 contrib modules I’m working on. It’s super awesome opening an issue I’m about to finish and finding the work already done!

— Greg Boggs (@gregory_boggs) June 8, 2020