Agaric Collective: Are you building communities of practice for community health in this time of public recognition of injustice?

COVID-19 and recognizing racism as a public health threat spotlights the importance of health communities of practice and their need to have high-quality, data-driven discussions. How do we do data-informed conversations well?  How do we expand them to include more health professionals and more community members outside what is recognized as the healthcare industry?  Both are very clearly needed now.

Thanks to a client giving us a shout out, Agaric realized recently we’ve done a lot of health communities over the years and would love to talk and learn with others.  We’re hosting a “Birds of a Feather” (people interested in the same topic coming together) at DrupalCon Global today at 3:15 Eastern Time to talk about facilitating discussion among healthcare practitioners and researchers and the public, and anything along community or data-sharing lines. 

Environmental racism was forced into the national conversation by Flint, Michigan years ago and COVID-19 has made long-standing problems of racism in healthcare provision impossible to ignore.  The rebellion against police repression started in Minneapolis is itself a reaction to the public health issues caused by policing which were predictable, and Minneapolis resident D.A. Bullock, indeed, predicted it.

What’s the next steps for healthcare workers and researchers?  For any person who cares about our communities?  How do we move conversations within health communities and with outside communities forward, and never fall back to not caring?  The stakes for both well-informed and broad-based discussion are clearer than ever.  We know pressure, policy, and practice are what make change; what is our role?

Please leave your comments even if you can’t join us today!

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