Drupal Agency Marketing (Promote Drupal): Non-Code Contribution Opportunities: Join the Promote Drupal Marketing Team

If you’re part of the Drupal community, you know that contribution is a great way to expand your skills and hands-on experience, make connections in the community, and make Drupal better.

Sometimes the barrier to making code contributions feels high. But in fact, non-code contributions are equally important. If you’re passionate about marketing and communications, and looking to contribute through writing, design, translation, or leading and managing marketing efforts, the Promote Drupal Initiative is recruiting for several positions.

The Promote Drupal initiative exists to:

  • Create content and marketing materials targeted to decision-makers who are considering adopting Drupal
  • Use events to drive the expansion of Drupal adoption and the Drupal community
  • Create social media content and campaigns to position Drupal as a thought leader

At the moment, we’re recruiting for several positions, including DrupalCon

  • DrupalCon Marketing and Outreach Committee Member – You want to support the success of DrupalCon through outreach to both potential and returning attendees.    
  • 20th Birthday Committee Member – You want to highlight the 20 years of achievements and success of the Drupal project and community throughout 2021
  • Drupal Ambassador – You are looking for opportunities to promote Drupal in other communities and at conferences outside the bubble.    
  • Drupal Initiative Marketing Lead – You are passionate about Drupal’s innovation and want to highlight the work of the project initiatives.    
  • Drupal Social Media Team Member – You want to improve Drupal’s social media presence on an on-going basis.    
  • Drupal Evaluator Marketing Team Member – You want to improve Drupal’s onboarding experience for evaluators.    

You can review the details of these opportunities and fill in our recruitment form to help match you with the right position.

The wide-ranging benefits of contributing to Promote Drupal include:

  • Official contribution credits
  • Expansion of marketing skills and open source audience awareness to leverage in other marketing positions
  • Position you and your organization as a Drupal and open source thought leader at the center of one of the world’s largest and most-successful open source projects
  • Expansion of your network of open source and technology leaders in the Drupal community
  • Hands-on experience marketing virtual conferences and insight into attendee personas
  • Joy of creating positive community engagement
  • Enjoy recognition for your service (exposure for both your personal brand and your company/organization)

If you’re interested in getting involved, fill in our recruitment form to help match you with the right position.

Contact me on the #promoteDrupal channel on Drupal Slack or directly message me at @pixelite.