EMAIL: How to add a form to Your Website with the Webform Module

Quick Preview: This will be an informative guide on what web forms are, how to add a web form to a website, and why you need them.

It is simply impossible to imagine a site without web forms. They are everywhere. Customers fill them out when:

  • making a purchase
  • leave a review about a product or company
  • go through various kinds of surveys
  • registering when taking quizzes. 

We could even say that web forms are the main source of information on potential customers. Below, the Drupal website development support agency has prepared information about web forms, how to embed a form to a web page, and many other useful things.

What is a web form?

A webform / HTML form is a form consisting of fields to be filled in. Most often, it requires a name and login, such as a password. Users enter their details to get some benefit from this. 

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