Matt Glaman: How live streaming has funded my open source contributions this year

Earlier this year, in early March, I started doing live development on my Twitch channel. I wanted to try a different way to maintain my own projects and contribute to others. I also wanted to explore live development streams to fund my open source contribution time while giving a way to provide a return on investment for any sponsorships. 

Earning revenue as a Twitch Affiliate

I was pretty excited that I hit Twitch Affiliate fairly quickly – 50 followers, 8 hours streamed, seven days, and an average of three viewers within a 30 day period. This allows me to earn a share of ad revenue from my streams. Although, to be honest, it isn’t much. Most streamers earn money from their subscribers, and when folks spend bits to Cheer.

Let’s take a look at my Twitch revenue since I started. You get a payout at a minimum of $100.

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