Jacob Rockowitz: Asking the “Five Whys” about Open Source Sustainability at the Sustainability BoF @ NED Camp 2021

Why sustainability matters to me

As the maintainer of the Webform module for Drupal 9, I make sizable contributions to Drupal in a variety of ways: committing code, writing documentation, recording screencasts, wrangling the issue queue, and more…. Over the last five years, I’ve come to realize that figuring out how to make my contributions sustainable is essential.

Sustainability has been a consistent theme in my blog. Last year, when it seemed that my organization was moving away from Drupal, I thought a lot about my commitment to Drupal and the sustainability of my work on the Webform module. This challenge encouraged me to improve the Webform module’s Open Collective. I worked to persuade individuals and organizations to invest (aka sponsor) in the ongoing maintenance of the Webform module. The number of backers and the annual budget of the Webform module’s Open Collective has grown substantially; for this, I am very grateful. Talking more about the Webform module and its Open Collective is a discussion for another day.

Engaging in the more extensive discussion around sustainability

Recently, John Picozzi (johnpicozzi) asked me to help facilitate the online Sustainability BoF at New England Drupal Camp (NEDCamp) on Friday, November 19th, 2021. I hesitated because I have mixed feelings about the topic. At the beginning of this blog post, I stated I…Read More

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