Drupal Association blog: Drupal Association At-Large Board Election 2021 – winner announced

The Drupal Association would like to congratulate our newest At-Large board member:

Mike Herchel.

Mike Herchel's photo

Mike Herchel is a front-end developer that’s been developing with Drupal for over 13 years. He is the primary organizer and lead developer for the Olivero initiative, which aims to create a new default front-end theme for Drupal core. Mike is also the maintainer of the Drupal Quicklink module, and is a primary organizer for Florida DrupalCamp.

Mike works as a senior front-end developer for Lullabot, where he co-hosts the Lullabot Podcast. He’s passionate about web performance, usability, and accessibility. You can often find him speaking on these subjects at DrupalCamps, DrupalCons, and various other web development conferences.

Upon accepting the nomination, Mike replied, “I’m thrilled to have the privilege to join the board of the Drupal Association! During this time, I intend to advocate for better usability on and focus on smaller scale Drupal websites to help make our community as strong, diverse, and thriving as possible.”

Thank you to all 2021 candidates

On behalf of all the staff and board of the Drupal Association, and I’m sure the rest of the Drupal community, I would like to thank all of those people who stood for the election this year. It truly is a big commitment to contribution and one to be applauded. Thank you for your willingness to serve, and I hope you’ll consider participating again in 2022!

Detailed Voting Results

There were 8 candidates in this year’s At-Large board member election.

504 voters cast their ballots out of a pool of 2,472 eligible voters.

Under Approval Voting, each voter can give a vote to one or more candidates. The final total of votes was as follows:

Mike Herchel277
Imre Gmelig Meijling227
Surabhi Gokte199
Will Huggins138
Kana Tadadjo Patrick Jaures132
Joshua Fernandes105
Brad Czerniak92
Dmitry Porokhnya29

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