Drupal Association blog: Meet one of our 2021 Discover Drupal Students, Devon Ek

Throughout our pilot Discover Drupal program year, we introduce our students to the Drupal community; this month, we welcome Devon Ek!

Devon was referred to the program by Genesys Works and is entirely new to Drupal. He currently lives in the Twin Cities, in Minnesota.

Tell us a little about you.  What are your hobbies and interests?

My hobbies are shooting videos and taking photographs in my free time. I also am into building PCs and mechanical keyboards.

What is your ultimate goal in learning Drupal?

My ultimate goal in learning Drupal is to develop a knowledge base of its front-end and back-end side and build useful web experiences.

What are you most excited about regarding this program?

I am most excited to connect with my peers and mentors along with working on projects. I’m hoping to eventually land a job in Drupal back-end development. I aspire to become a web developer someday and also give back to the community and empower others to explore their journey into technology as well. I want to help create digital experiences that are relevant and reflective of people who come from underrepresented backgrounds. Being accepted into Discover Drupal would greatly help me explore my interest in web technologies and connect me to a community of people who also come from underrepresented groups.

If you see Devon online in Drupal Slack or at any upcoming Drupal events, please give him a warm welcome.  His Slack user name is Devon Ek.

Our Discover Drupal sponsors will have access to directly recruit the students for internships or other employment near the completion of the program.

Thank you to our Partners and Volunteers
We are grateful to AmyJune Hineline and Mike Herchel, who has led our team of mentors and provided valuable insight into improving the program. Thank you.

We want to thank our founding partner, Kanopi Studios, and especially Allison Manley for her continued hard work and dedication to the program.  We also want to thank our platinum sponsors: Lullabot and Elevated Third, for the financial support that has been instrumental in launching this program.  Finally, thank you to our excellent training partners, Drupal Easy, Evolving Web, Mediacurrent, and .

If you’d like more information about the program or would like to become a supporting donor, please reach out to us a

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