Gábor Hojtsy: Drupal 8 is end of life today: the compendium

It is hard to believe that almost 6 years passed since Drupal 8.0.0’s release on November 19th 2015. What feels like it was just yesterday, Drupal 8 brought lots of amazing new things to the platform. Near and dear to my heart was full multilingual support that I worked on with over 1600 people for several years. Also stars of the Drupal 8 show were the vastly improved configuration management system, Views in core, built-in web service support, more semantic markup, in-place editing, PHPUnit integration, better caching, improved accessibility, even aural announcements for page changes, and so on and on. Drupal 8 embraced collaboration within the PHP ecosystem and beyond with our use of Symfony, Twig, Guzzle and gradually embraced application of Composer.

But I think even more profound was the change of innovation models, where Drupal 8 started to allow feature additions in a backwards compatible manner and thus the inclusion of amazing new features like Layout Builder, Media Library, BigPipe, Settings Tray, Content Moderation, Inline form errors, JSON:API and even the Umami demo all after Drupal 8.0.0 shipped. Some of these were developed in stages thanks to the possibility to include experimental projects in core as well. This allowed us to make Drupal 8 itself much better without needing to do a new major version. In fact the major version bump turned to be a technicality where being on Drupal 8.9 or 9.0 was not giving you shiny benefits anymore, other than keeping you on the train of innovation.

So today Drupal 8’s life ends as innovation continues on the Drupal 9 train.

In the past 8 days I did a countdown post series to give short tips for dealing with this end of life. I suggest you look back if you did not read them yet:

  1. Adoption drive to get projects new maintainers that did not yet update to Drupal 9. If you can adopt a project or two, that would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Use composer to at least check for Drupal 9 compatibility, ideally convert your site to it. If you did not try composer recently, version 2 is leaps and bounds ahead of version 1 and its worth a try!
  3. For modules that are not compatible you still need to use workarounds. The recently introduced lenient composer endpoint provides the most consistent solution for all projects.
  4. For your own code and your drupal.org projects, automated code fixes are the way to go towards Drupal 9. No need to find and fix problems manually when you can automate most of it.
  5. If you need to use an older MySQL/Percona/MariaDB database, there is a way. This should make it easier to adopt Drupal 9 if you were holding off updating your database backend.
  6. If you are on Drupal 8.8 or before, you are already on end of life software. The key to a fast Drupal 8 to 9 upgrade is to keep your Drupal 8 site up to date.
  7. How soon do you need to do this update again? Drupal 9 end of life is in 2023. And Drupal 10 end of life will depend on its componens’ end of lives as well.
  8. So you are still on Drupal 8, what happens now? Nothing will break immediately, but its best to keep moving forward on your upgrade plans.

I hope this series of tips were useful to read. It was certainly an eventful 8 days to write and post them. See you on Drupal 9!

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Matt Glaman: PHPStan 1.0 and phpstan-drupal 1.0!

Congratulations to Ondřej for releasing PHPStan 1.0 today! Years ago, folks weren’t thinking very much about static analysis in PHP. PHPStan’s first release was back in July 2016, with Vimeo’s Psalm released shortly later in November. Now static analysis of PHP code is a hot topic, and PHPStan has become a defacto tool in a developers toolset.

Thanks to sponsored live streaming sponsor Esteemed, I contributed two fixes to PHPStan that’ll help out folks as we prepare to move onto PHP 8.

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Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #319 – Backdrop CMS

Today we are talking about Backdrop with Jen Lampton.



  • Nic – Vacation
  • April – need new shelves for Lego Harry Potter
  • Jen – Heirloom tomatoes and too much rain
  • John – Personal website / blog
  • Backdrop CMS Elevator pitch
  • Difference between Drupal and Backdrop
  • Why choose Backdrop over Drupal
  • Matt Glaman on twitter
    • General challenges of growing a fork’s identity
    • Challenges in being thrifty
  • Biggest milestones in the last two years
    • New core committers
    • 7 releases with new features
      • Layouts
      • File browser
      • Lazy loading images
      • Config overrides
      • Telemetry
    • Backdrop Live events
  • More listener questions (Matt Glaman)
    • Contributor community
    • Companies specializing in Backdrop
  • Wider adoption as D7 approaches EoL
  • Wider adoption as D9 approaches EoL
  • Ease of migration from D7
    • Easier than migrating D7 to D9
  • More listener questions (Matt Glaman)
    • Marketing challenges
  • Anything that you would do differently after 6 years
  • Philosophy
  • Biggest upcoming features
  • Telemetry



Jen Lampton – Jeneration Web Development @jenlampton


Nic Laflin – www.nLighteneddevelopment.com @nicxvan John Picozzi – www.epam.com @johnpicozzi April Sides – @weekbeforenext


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Promet Source: FAQs for this Week’s Drupal 8 Hard Stop

Nov. 2, 2021 marks a first for Drupal.

Never before has a Drupal version end-of-life date signaled a true hard stop, with no possibility of extended support and no commercial vendors that are in a position to provide off-grid security maintenance and bug fixes. 

At issue is Drupal 8’s Symfony 3 dependency, which was also decommissioned on Nov. 2, 2021.

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Drupal Commerce: Commerce 1.16 released, 10 years on and going strong

Drupal Commerce achieved its first full release at DrupalCon London 2011. I remember working on it beside Damien Tournoud, Commerce Guys’ CTO at the time – one of those rare true geniuses in his element helping me finalize a variety of last minute issues before we tagged and released. More than a few open source eCommerce projects have come and gone since then, but we haven’t slowed down yet!

This past week, we packaged Commerce 1.16. It’s been over two years since the last release as we’ve focused primarily on the Drupal 8/9 branch, Commerce 2.x. However, we still found time to make significant performance improvements and incorporate longstanding feature requests like including the order e-mail address when the order is rendered, supporting the deletion of old order and line item revisions impacting the performance of sites with a tremendous amount of orders, and more. For the full list of updates, please refer to the release notes.

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Gábor Hojtsy: One day to go until Drupal 8 EOL: what if you stay on Drupal 8?

With one day to go until Drupal 8’s end of life (on November 2, 2021), now is a good time to take stock of your Drupal 8 sites’ modules. Use Upgrade Status to check for environment and module compatibility with Drupal 9.

Given that there is only one day left, you will highly likely not be on Drupal 9 tomorrow. So what happens to your Drupal 8 site once the core software is end of life? As I wrote two days ago, unless you are on Drupal 8.9.x you are already running on end of life software. As prior versions of Drupal 8 don’t stop running, Drupal 8.9.x will also not stop running tomorrow. There is no expiring license key that will stop the site from functioning. There will not be a banner at the bottom of the page that the site is insecure. In fact the site will not even be insecure immediately. However, there will not be security fixes to Drupal 8 anymore. So the next time a fix comes out for Drupal 9 that may be applicable to Drupal 8, that fix will not be made anymore to Drupal 8. Depending on the nature of that security problem, you site may be in no trouble or big trouble, but the distinction will be left to you to decide.

Using Upgrade Status and Drupal Rector automated code fixes, the upgrade from Drupal 8 to 9 is still the easiest in the last decade (assuming you are already on Drupal 8.9), so I would highly suggest to plan to do the upgrade soon and don’t risk staying on Drupal 8 for too long.

There are also various changes to drupal.org projects and issues. These will likely not happen immediately tomorrow, but will be done soon. For contributed project maintainers on Drupal.org, releases that are only compatible with Drupal 8 will be marked unsupported as well, much like the same process that happened to Drupal 6 last time. Testing setups that are against Drupal 8 will be removed. Issues submitted against Drupal 8 will automatically be moved to Drupal 9.2.x (where bugfixes are still possible). If they are not applicable to Drupal 9 anymore, the issues will later be closed by people.

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rachel_norfolk: Talk: Core Contribution Mentoring – developments, challenges and opportunities as we move into a hybrid world

Talk: Core Contribution Mentoring – developments, challenges and opportunities as we move into a hybrid world

DrupalCamp Oslo
I had the absolute pleasure to talk at DrupalCamp Oslo about Core Contribution Mentoring, where we are and what we have learned over the last couple of years of unusual times.

If the slides are useful, you can find them attached. 

Mon, 11/01/2021 – 11:25

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Web Wash: Getting Started with Metatag Module in Drupal

The Metatag module allows you to configure structured metadata such as meta descriptions and meta keywords for your Drupal website. You can do this at the global level, on a per content type basis, per node basis and even on a per view page basis.

In this tutorial we will show you how to:

  • Install the Meta Tag module
  • Configure meta tags for a content type
  • Override meta tags on a per node basis
  • Override meta tags for View pages
  • Have more granular permissions for meta tags fields
  • Specify meta tags for different favicons

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