Tag1 Consulting: How automatic updates finally made it to Drupal

Over the course of Drupal’s lengthy history, one of the most common feature requests has been automatic updates. A common complaint of Drupal site administrators, especially those who have smaller sites updated less frequently, is the frequently complex and drawn-out process required to update a Drupal site from one minor version to another. Updates can involve a difficult set of highly specific steps that challenge even the most patient among us. Indeed, many in the Drupal community simply choose to ignore the automatic e-mails generated by indicating the availability of a new version, and waiting can lead to compounding security vulnerabilities. Fortunately, the era of frustration when it comes to automatic updates in Drupal is now over. As one of the roughly dozen Drupal Core Strategic Initiatives , Drupal automatic updates are a key feature that will offer Drupal users better peace of mind when minor releases occur. Over the last several years, Tag1 Consulting , well-known as leading performance and scalability experts in the Drupal community, has worked closely with the Drupal Association , MTech , and the Free and Open Source Software Auditing (FOSSA) program at the European Commission to make automatic updates in Drupal a reality….

Thu, 01/23/2020 – 13:26